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Reed Bed Management

Aquaclear are experts in the management and maintenance of reed beds and other waterways with years of experience in cutting and clearing reed beds all over the UK.

We understand that reed beds are an intermediate habitat as open, deep bodies of water move towards becoming dry marshland. As such, reed beds require routine maintenance in the form of regular cutting and clearance in order to encourage healthy new reed growth, keep water moving around the bed and encourage wildlife to the area to feed and nest year after year

Our Reed Bed customer base include:

    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
    The Environment Agency
    Natural England
    Natural Resources Wales
    Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

...along with many other local trusts and councils

The Truxor on Reed Beds

The Truxor Amphibious Harvester allows us to reach parts of reed beds that are inaccessible to other vehicles and carry out works quickly, where they would normally require vast amounts of man power and time with hand tools.

The lightweight frame of the Truxor allows it to access certain areas whilst minimising the damage caused to the surrounding environment


Reed Cutting Operations

The Truxor is very versitile in the operations it can perform when working on reed beds.

These include but are not limited to:

    Cut and Clear Large Blocks of Reed
    Cut and Clear Lines of Sight Through Reed
    Create Wading Pools
    Clear Existing Channels and Pools

The maneuverability of the Truxor means that almost any shape can be cut into a reed bed to suite your needs. Once cut, the reed can then be transported to a nearby area where it can be easily accessed on foot and processed in any way the client sees fit

Examples of Reed Cutting Works

Clearing Existing Ditches, Pools and Sight Lines

Some reed beds will have a number of existing ditches, feature pools and sight lines that over time will become overgrown, hamping water movement around the bed or removing the feature entirely. These can all be cut and cleared in order to restore the features to their original purpose, keeping pools, ditches and sight lines open, while allowing for better water movement around the reed bed

Existing Ditches Before Existing Ditches After

Clearing Large Blocks/Areas of Reed

We at Aquaclear understand that certain trusts and councils may have a need to cut and clear large portions of reed beds annually to encourage healthy new growth. Our machines can work on deep water or dry land and anywhere in between, making them the perfect tool to clear large blocks of reed of quickly, where man power and hand tools alone would prove slow and possibly even dangerous

Large Area Before Large Area After

Cutting and Clearing Sight Lines

Sight lines are a great feature in both public and private reed beds, providing a view onto the reed bed while opening up the water for wading birds. These lines can be cut to any width required, with all cut reed being cleared from the channel and placed on nearby banks

Site Lines Before Site Lines After

Cutting and Clearing Wading Pools

Wading pools can be an important feature on reed beds, providing an area of open, shallow water inside otherwise dense reed. These pools encourage wading birds to the area to feed and possibly even nest. The pools themselves can be cut to almost any size and shape you like.

(Images below both show wading pools after cutting and clearance)

Wading Pool Wading Pool

To speak to us directly about any reed cutting services we provide, please Contact Us

There are also many shots from our reed work in our Before and After Gallery and our Twitter is constantly updated with current weed cutting works we are undertaking