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Excavation and Ditching

The Truxor can easily reach certain areas of a watercourse where conventional excavators would find it impossible. There are many reasons to use excavators on a watercourse.

Previous Clients have asked us to:

    Create Ponds
    Enlarge an Existing Water Course
    Remove Large Quantities of Material from Water
    Strengthen Banks Surrounding Watercourse
    Build Bunds and/or Trenches
    Connect Existing Water Courses
    Increase Flow to Water Course

...along with many other requests

It is sometimes important to promote the flow of water to additional areas of your site. For example, you may have an area that is particularly dry and would benefit from getting more water. In the past we have solved these issues by creating bunds to hold back water and digging trenches to promote water flow to other areas

Previous Projects are discussed in detail at our Excavation and Ditching Gallery


Excavation with the Truxor

The Truxor Amphibious Harvester can be fitted with multiple tools to carry out excavation and ditching works:

Excavator Arm

The Excavator Arm (pictured above) can be fitted in order to move large quatities of material around. These materials can either be deposited on nearby banks or floating platforms/crafts for transportation

Grab Bucket

The Grab Bucket can be used to dredge material from the bottom of the water course and transport it to a nearby bank or other designated area. This can be particularly useful on stone or gravel beds.

Habitat Creation

Aquaclear works closely with local councils and wildlife organisations to create sustainable habitats for birds and other wetland inhabitants

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There are also many shots from our Excavation work in it's own Excavation and Ditching Gallery