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Blanket Weed (Algae) Removal and Control

Aquaclear provide a nationwide service is the removal of Algae from all types of inland watercourses

Algae, 'Pond Scum' or 'Blanket Weed' is a common sight on UK watercourses and unfortunately, rising temperatures bring with it a rise in algae growth. Algae can survive all year round but tends to 'bloom' in the spring and summer as water temperatures rise. People are probably most familiar with Algae when it's floating on the top of a lake or pond but Algae starts it's life at the bottom of the watercourse and slowly makes it's way to the surface. Once Algae reaches the surface, it absorbs sunlight, warming the water further, causing further growth. All this, coupled with nutrient run off from algricultural land in the form of nitrates and phosphorous, means algae can form and grow quickly, rapidly consuming entire watercourses


The Problems with Algae

Algal blooms can:

Be unsightly

Become odorous and foul smelling

Impede the movement of boats and watercraft

Stop sunlight reaching plantlife at the bottom of the water

Hamper fishing and other watersports

Clog inlets, outlets and waterfeatures

Produce harmful toxins, posing a danger to humans and wildlife

Harmful Algal Blooms

Harmful Algal Blooms or HABs make the news yearly in the form of 'Blue Green' Algae warnings and it's not uncommon to see signs around local watercourses warning of a recent bloom and the dangers posed by them

HABs occur when Algae grows out of control, releasing harmful toxins into the water, posing a threat to fish, birds, marine life and any people or animals that may enter the water. Illnesses that arise from human and animal contact with HABs can cause debilitation and possibly even death.

Algae Removal

The simplest form of control we provide at Aquaclear is the mechanical removal of algae from the surface of the water. Our machines can collect any algae floating on the surface by skimming the top and depositing anything collected on the banks, ready to be removed from the area altogether

By skimming the surface of the water you minmise any damage to aquatic plantlife at the bottom of the watercourse that oxygenate the water, which in turn helps reduce the amount of algae in the watercourse


Silt Pumping to Reduce Algae

Many experts agree that removing silt from the watercourse is a helpful way to prevent algal blooms. By pumping silt from the bottom of the watercourse and removing it from the area, you remove nutrients from the watercourse, hampering algal growth and reducing the chances of having algal blooms year after year

Species Specific

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