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Bulrush and Bur-reed Cutting and Removal

Aquaclear provide a nationwide service is the removal of Bullrush and Bur-read from all types of inland watercourses

Bulrush and Bur-reed and aquatic plants that grow in the margins of a watercourse, developing think, dense root systems or 'rhizomes'. While a small amount of these plants can act as a pretty feature to inland waterways, excessive growth can become problematic


The Problems with Excessive Growth in the Margins

Bulrush and Bur-reed can:

Block Inlets and Outlets

Increase in volume year after year, reducing the capacity and depth of the watercourse

Impede the movement of boats and watercraft

Hold back water and reduce flow

Choke and outcompete other plants

Increase the risk of flooding

Keeping Water Moving

Most waterways will have a delicate system of incoming and outgoing water that can be disrupted by excessive growth in the margins. Particularly in canals where it's vital that a steady stream of water is maintained and the canal is kept open for the movement of watercraft

Bulrush and Bur-reed will grow out from the margins, increasing in volume year after year, reducing the water depth and possibly closing up open water altogether. It is not uncommon to see disused canals and small waterways that have become completely overgrown and choked with these species

Cutting and Clearing Bulrush and Bur-reed

The simplest form of control we provide at Aquaclear is the mechanical cutting and removal of these species from the watercourse. This is a quick, short term solution that allows the waterway to be opened up. This is a great solution if you are not looking for the total removal of the species as it will encourage new growth and keep the habitat healthy

Keeping a Balance

When working with trusts and councils across the country, we understand the importance of cutting as a short term solution, as bur-reed and bulrush can be a vital habitat for a whole host of water dwelling wildlife. Our precision cutters can ensure that only small portions or narrow channels can be cut and cleared of these species, ensuring the best of both worlds; keeping water moving while maintaining vital habitat.


Root & Rhizome Removal

Bulrush and Bur-reed grow vast, complex root systems or 'rhizomes' under the water surface. In extreme cases, some lakes, canals and ponds can become choked from excessive marginal growth that gets worse every year. In cases where inlets or outlets are becoming blocked, or the watercourse has reduced inside due to encroachment of the margins, rhizome removal can prove to be a better solution to the problem than cutting alone

This process involves the use of our grip and grab buckets, which can reach down deep below the water surface and pull the rhizomes out, providing a slower but more permanent solution for any bulrush and bur-reed issues

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