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Aquatic Weed Control and Removal in the UK

Aquaclear Water Management are specialists in the cutting, removal, and control of all aquatic and marginal plant species in the UK including blanket weed, pond weed, algae, water lilies, pennywort, bulrushes, and many more.

reed-bed clearance

It is common for watercourses such as lakes, ponds, and canals to become congested with excessive plant growth such as blanket weed, water lilies, bur reeds, duck weed, and be disrupted by invasive plant species. The problems presented by this excessive growth can range from the superficial i.e., spoiling the appearance of the watercourse, to more serious issues such as the suppression of native plants and wildlife, disruption of boats and fishing, reduction of water flow and an increased risk of flooding. Working throughout the UK, we provide a full range of weed control services including pond and lake weed cutting and clearance services. From blanket weed control in lakes to the removal of invasive weed species such as floating pennywort or Canadian pond weed, at Aquaclear we can help you keep your waterways clear.

Aquatic Weed Control

aquatic weed cutting

Water management officials agree that regular removal of aquatic weed is the most effective method available to reduce plant growth without damaging the environment. At Aquaclear Water management we specialise in the control of blanket weed, pond weed, algae, invasive weeds species such as floating pennywort, Canadian pond weed, curly waterweed, and all types of aquatic weed.

Our Truxor machines are specially designed for the removal of weeds, aquatic plants, and phragmites from lakes, ponds, canals, fisheries, reservoirs, and other waterways. These machines can be fitted with different tools such as grip rakes and grab buckets to cut surface and sub-marine plant life to a depth of almost 2 meters and lift them out of the water and onto nearby banks to mitigate future growth and provide an effective method of weed control for blanket weed, pond weed, and all native and invasive species of aquatic weeds.
Where do we work?

At Aquaclear we have extensive experience in the removal and control of all types of aquatic weeds and plants in the UK. We work in a wide range of environments, large and small, across the whole of the UK.

These include:

SSSI Sites
Public and Private Lakes and Ponds
Canals, Rivers and Marinas
Nature Reserves
Golf Courses
Leisure Parks

...along with many others

The lightweight construction of the Truxor Amphibious Harvester allows access to sensitive areas which heavier conventional machinery cannot reach. This makes the Truxor the ideal choice for work on more sensitive environments.

For a look at a selection of our previous clients and their testimonies, head over to our Clients page

Our Twitter Feed is frequently updated with before and after photos of completed works from around the country. Click here to head over there and see more examples

Site Specific

SSSI and Heritage Sites

We understand that many sites will have their own set of sensitivies and requirements in the form of endangered plants and wildlife, as well as old structures and buildings

Over the years we've worked on many of these sites such as SSSI canal stretches and castle moats. We are well versed in the care needed when carrying out necessary works on sites that contain protected species and listed buildings
Site Specific


Excessive weed growth at fisheries can cause many problems, ranging from a hinderance to fishing, to causing lines to become tangled and lost, possibly even resulting in fish kill

Our machines can clear all or part of the watercourse, or cut swims and clear pegs while avoiding feature plants such as lilies
Site Specific

Canals and Rivers

Many canals and rivers in the UK need regular weed cutting to help keep both boats and water moving, while maintaining a healthy balance of plants and wildlife

We at Aquaclear have over 15 years of experience working with local and national trusts cutting and clearing canals in England, Scotland and Wales
Site Specific

Public/Private Lakes

Many lakes are used for activities such as fishing, swimming or boating where weed growth can prove to be a annual hinderance

Other lakes are just pretty features to be enjoyed privately or by the public, where weed growth can be unsightly or endanger the loss of the watercourse altogether. We can tailor our work to be functional, aesthetic or even both
Site Specific


Ponds come in all shapes and sizes, public or private

Over the years we've worked on many public and back garden ponds that benefit hugely from being cleared out and tidied up. We pride ourselves of leaving the watercourse looking clean and tidy when finished
Site Specific


Excessive weed growth in Marinas can hamper boat movement and even render some bays unusable

The agility of the Truxor and it's precision cutters allow us to work within small margins, while avoiding sensitive equipment like boats and bay walkways
Site Specific

Sailing Clubs/Leisure Lakes

In the summer months, excessive weed growth can be bad news for businesses that rely on having clear, open water to boat on

Such businesses may be looking for a short term solution such as a boating track or a small area to be cleared of weed. Or perhaps larger works such as the cutting and clearance of an entire watercourse. Whatever the need, we have the equipment and expertise to help
Site Specific

Golf Courses

As sites go, there are none more sensitive in terms of surrounding area than golf courses

Truxor machines are semi aquatic meaning they can walk themselves to the water course and climb in the water without the need for heavy machinery to ferry it to the water. The lightweight construction of the Truxor means that little to no damage is done to the grass when travelling in straight lines

Why is Weed Cutting, Removal, and Control Important?

With temperatures rising, aquatic weed is on the rise too, meaning lake weed removal, cutting, clearance, and control is a growing industry.

Excessive weed growth is not just unsightly, it can also pose the following problems:

Marginal plants such as bur-reed and bullrush can clog inlets and outflows, hampering water movement to and from the watercourse, drying out the watercourse or increasing the risk of flooding.

As with plant life on land, aquatic plants respire at night, 'breathing' oxygen and releasing CO2, meaning excessive plant growth in your water course can result in large volumes of oxygen being pulled out of the habitat. These plants will also decompose when they have completed their life cycle, pulling more oxygen out of the water. Fish kill occurs when oxygen levels in water reach a critical point and in extreme cases can cause mass die-offs.

Invasive species such as the Elodia family can quickly out-compete native species and within only a few years can take over an entire watercourse, bringing loss of biodiversity and filling the watercourse with weed in the warmer months.

Species Specific

Click below to see how we deal with specific plant species

Water Lilies
Invasive Aquatic Weed
Bulrush and Burreed

grab bucket

Root & Rhizome Removal

SSome species such as Lilies and Reeds grow vast, complex root systems or 'rhizomes' under the water surface. While these species can be cut and cleared away on a year-to-year basis to ensure the habitat is kept in a healthy balance, it may sometimes be necessary to remove the root matter altogether.

In extreme cases, some ponds can become choked from excessive Lily growth that gets worse every year, or reed banks can encroach into the water course, threatening the loss of the watercourse in it's entirety.

In such cases, it may be necessary to remove some of the root matter to provide a more permanent solution. At Aquaclear, we make use of grip rakes and grab buckets to do just that, depositing any matter on nearby banks (or other more convenient places if required).

potamogeton natans

Aquatic Weed Identification Guide

If you are struggling to identify which species of aquatic weed is the problem in your own watercourse, you can head over to our Aquatic Weed Guide to view some of the most common species that we come across in UK waters.

From blanket weed and Canadian pond weed to curly waterweed, fairy fern, or New Zealand Pygmyweed, our guide will give you pictures along with notes on species identification with descriptions.

This guide can also give you a good idea of how serious your weed problem may be, along with the appropriate steps that need to be taken in order to rectify it.

Examples of previous works

lake weed removal
To see more examples of our lake and pond clearance and reed cutting operations, please visit our Before and After Gallery or head over to our Twitter or Facebook pages, which are constantly updated with recent images of our work

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